carsten nicolai


aluminum frames, polyester, piezo high-tone speakers, max/msp program, firewire soundcard
255 x 255 x 300 cm
reflex reflex

the concept of reflex describes the interweaving of visual and auditory space. the dodecagonal geometrical sculpture reflex is open on one side inviting the visitor to enter its interior space. in the interior circulates filtered white noise emitted by ten high-tone piezo-loudspeakers each of which is mounted in the centre of each of the stretched polyester surfaces. the sound, which circulates around the sculpture, generates an acoustic illusion, as though there existed another three-dimensional object hidden inside the rhomboid. although the same coordinates constantly describe this object, reflex is continually re-rendered by the random program that selects the sequence of the coordinates and the rhythm of the intervals.

reflex was designed together with the sculpture anti to form a conceptual bipolarity for carsten nicolai's solo exhibition anti reflex at schirn kunsthalle in frankfurt/main, germany in 2005.