carsten nicolai


wooden model
dimensions variable
input/output input/output

the work input/output reflects a process of reserach and execution of a both conceptual as well as spatial extent. the actual piece is an architectural model of VOXXX culture centre in chemnitz, germany as it existed in the year 1996. in a workshop hosted by eric miralles at städelschule in frankfurt/main, germany, the participants were working on a architectural vision for the location by means of very precisely producing and studying its model. subsequently this work should open the possibility to much clearer formulate a vision of its future appearance. during this process, the study has opened a constantly growing field of knowledge and inspiration for the participants which has not only led to a final concept draft, but also to a constant flow of input and output options for all parties involved. the model is accompanied by a list of names of all artists that have been working or exhibiting at VOXXX culture centre since its foundation.