carsten nicolai

poly stella

public sculpture
made of stainless steel on alucubond and steel structure, erected on a concrete pedestal
diameter approx. 350 cm
poly stella

poly stella is a highly significant, especially designed public sculpture commissioned for the plaza in front of kasumigaseki building in chiyoda-ku, tokyo, japan.

the shape of the sculpture is that of a complex polyhedron structure, formally a model for a naturally grown organisation. although it appears rather manifold, the shape consists of a simple composition of a number of identical modules. it is thus a striking example of how rather simple elements by means of a high rate of organisation can lead to an extremely complex system.

rather than applying historical reference and meaning, the sculpture could be understood as a solidified demonstration of an evolutionary process that by the illustration of potentially endless variations envisions a potential for progress and creativity. the surface of the sculpture even makes this more evident – the smooth, shimmering steel causes a play of reflections that results in constantly changing perspectives. consequently, the sculpture can be perceived as a fascinating object, whose shape illustrates the principle and variety of life.