carsten nicolai

autoR (yokohama version)

public intervention artwork
dimensions variable
autoR (yokohama version)

autoR (yokohama version) is a project realized on the opposite side of yokohama museum of art on the occasion of yokohama triennale 2011. it is conceived as a self-organizing process to which visitors can actively contribute by individually applying stickers designed by the artist.

the installation title is derived from the greek auto (founded on itself), plus the letter r, creating the author who brings forth something new. in the context of the project, the visitor takes on the role of the author, combining personal decisions with the tools provided by the artist to drive forward this interactive, creative design process.

the regular geometric shape produced in seven different colors becomes a module that can be combined into freely designed forms, clusters, and structures. autoR foregrounds the decisive influence of randomness and process in determining the overall appearance of the work.