carsten nicolai

chroma actor

LED screens, camera, speakers, sound
audio-visual installation for the re-design of seibu shibuya department store, tokyo, jp
chroma actor chroma actor chroma actor

chroma actor is an interactive audio-visual installation exclusively designed and created for the entrée situation for seibu shibuya department store tokyo. the idea was to create an interactive work that responds via environmental sensors to the three main elements of the work: movement, temperature and time. the work varies permanently and let each of the three elements appear anew. with the exception of one opening and one ending sequence any kind of repetition will be avoided. besides reflecting all four seasons, weather conditions and day-/ lunar phases, the general visual appearance are formations of moving color stripes (motion flow) that are directly linked to the motion data of seibu visitors. all color combinations and variations are defined and intensified through predetermined artistic filters. the visual part of the installation is accompanied by a sound component, an interactive sound piece that changes and responds symbiotically to the visual concept.