carsten nicolai


real-time data projection of a rossler attractor [program developed by gerry beggs]
video projector, computer
dimension variable

“for quite some time, chaos research has recognized entities called chaotic or odd attractors. what is an attractor? in every system in motion, regardless whether it is a pendulum, a planet or a fluid comprised of many discrete particles, the particles move in a time frame on a surface. in a linear non-chaotic system these surfaces are graphical. […] if a dynamic system follows a specific attractor it is predictable. as soon as the starting conditions are determined it is clear how the system will develop for all times. […] in 1963, edward n. lorenz of the massachusetts institute of technology discovered an odd attractor when he analyzed the behavior of fluids. this entity known as the lorenz attractor is a fractal. the consequence: by tracing the trajectories of a system consisting of many particles on the lorenz attractor it will soon become clear that initially very dense conditions are beginning to spread out more and more until they form a homogeneous surface. this is precisely the reason why meteorologists are able to predict the weather conditions in a limited area for a short period of time.” – peter müller in: jürgens, hartmut/peitgen, heinz-otto/saupe, dietmar: chaos und fraktale, heidelberg 1989.